Children's Centres

Lorie is our dedicated Children's Centre adviser and visits all the centres in Purbeck. Below are details for each Children's Centre, when we are there and how to make an appointment.

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Swanage Children's Centre

Lorie is there every Tuesday of the month between 9.30 and 12.30 for appointments only. Please call the Children's Centre on 01929 423589 to book.

Wareham Children's Centre/Upton Children's Centre/Bovington Children's Centre

Lorie is at one of these centres every Friday of the month.  Appointments are available at1pm and 2.00pm. Please call 01929 552864 to book and remember to say which centre you want to book.

Wareham Citizens Advice

Lorie is at our main office in Mill Lane Wareham every Friday of the month.  There is an appointment available at 10.00am.  Please call 01929 550328 to book.








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