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Helping to help more people than the people we see

Everyone is affected by rules and principles which shape the services and benefits we all rely on. These may include regulations, codes of practice, legislation, guidelines and policies of service providers. They may be national, regional or local. All research and campaign work undertaken is rooted in the experiences of real people who are adversely affected by these policies. Research and Campaigning works to bring about changes, to make the rules (and their implementation) fairer for all.

The Citizens Advice service has built a strong reputation for independent analysis and has worked with government, companies, regulators, trade associations and consumer groups to secure change for those who are adversely affected by unfair policies.

It is recognised that the best way to tackle any problem is to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. This is what social policy aims to do. We cannot see everyone who needs help individually and many people do not access our services, for various reasons. However, we can - and do - reach out and help people beyond our core service users through our research and campaign work, by bringing about changes that reduce unfairness. 

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